Helping you feel better… or better about yourself

Chiropractic alleviates pain

"After numerous orthopedic surgeries I had intense pain in my neck along with an increasing curvature of my neck. I had never had chiropractic, but it has really helped reduce my pain, improved my posture and given me renewed hope for greater back health. All the doctors here as well as the therapist and staff members are genuinely concerned about improving the health of patients and educating them about spinal care. I would encourage anyone with orthopedic health concerns to come experience the TLC of Marshall Back and Body Wellness Center team."  -B.T

Reducing the effects of scoliosis

"Having had scoliosis for many years, the muscles in my back had become very tight. I not only had SI joint problems, but in my leg as well. I had been to doctors before, but the scoliosis was not severe enough to do anything about. Once the orthopedic doctor sent me to a physical therapist, after the therapist told me that the treatment was finished, I faithfully continued the exercises.

Finally I concluded that the pain and stiffness was something that I would just have to live with for the rest of my life. The only reason that I came to the chiropractor was because my daughter’s doctor recommended it to help with her scoliosis. the doctor was so kind and positive with her that I had hope that maybe I could get relief, too. My back is not as tight as it was and I look forward to continued treatment because I realize that I really don’t have to live with the pain!"  -E.C.

Working together… chiropractic and physical therapy

"The combination of Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy I received at Marshall Back and Body finally gave me relief from four and a half years of constant lower back pain.  The educational aspect of this staff’s guidance helps me to take care of myself by being a partner in improving my own health. I am truly grateful for your service and care." -E.A.

Physical therapy for injury

"I had a major car accident in October 2006.  Since then I’ve had only 3 weeks of being “pain-free.”  When I came to Marshall Back & Body, I couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer.  Walking, sitting, standing and even sleeping had become extremely difficult and painful.  It’s been almost a month since my first visit to Marshall Back & Body and my pain level has decreased tremendously.  The patient care I am receiving is far beyond my expectations.  I am on a journey to be healed and regain a healthy way of living without surgery.  Thank you Marshall Back & Body Wellness Center!" -S.N.

Medicine-free pain management with chiropractic

"I first came to chiropractic care after waking up one morning unable to move my neck or shoulder. I had suffered with neck pain for years, but chalked it up to stress. This morning was different; it was extremely frustrating and painful.  After six weeks of care, my neck and shoulders are not the only things feeling better. I have more energy and an overall feeling of wellness. Being one who is used to taking medication for things, it is liberating to have a staff of “medicine-free” doctors in my life. Now, I rarely suffer from headaches or neck/back pain. I would tell anyone I love to not be so skeptical and give chiropractic a chance; they might just start feeling better. Thanks a lot!"  -S.W.


Felling better never felt so good

“I’m so glad that I made the choice to go to Marshall Back and Body Wellness Center when I did.  It changed my entire life.”

- R.M, Katy, TX


Comprehensive approach

"Dear Marshall Back & Body Wellness Center,

You truly have shared “…a better way to live.”  I have been coming to your facility for back and neck stiffness for nine months, and the results of more flexibility and less pain has been worth every minute.  The staff has been very knowledgeable, customer focused, and given great care.  I look forward to each and every visit, knowing that smiling faces will greet me and care will consume me from your staff, especially Leslie and Dr. Asenime.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, a weight loss program became available.  How very convenient to come for chiropractor care and receive medical assistance, at the same location, to attain my health goals.  This comprehensive approach has been much appreciated.




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